Learning Innovation and the Future of Higher Education (Tech.edu: A Hopkins Series on Education and Technology) by Joshua Kim and Edward Maloney

Coming in February, 2020 from JHU-Press. Available for pre-order on Amazon.

learning innovation and the future of higher education.jpg

In this book, we define learning innovation as the interplay between the complex set of practices, methods, and designs that attempt to improve teaching and learning in higher education. These practices not only bring together learning science, instructional design, educational technologies, and learning analytics, but they do so within the context of institutional structures, policies, investments, and strategic leadership that enable this work to succeed. In this respect, learning innovation is as much about innovations in teaching and learning at the course level as it is about sustainable innovations at the institutional level. We argue that how universities are changing to advance student learning needs to be part of the story that we tell about the present and future of higher education.