2019 Brown University, Opening the Curriculum: Educational Innovation in the Liberal Arts with Randall Bass

2019 Is Digital Technology Making Us Smarter?, Dartmouth College

2018 Pearson Executive Leadership Forum, Understanding Market Dynamics in Online Education, Chicago IL

2018 Summit for Online Leadership and Administration Roundtable, How Universities Learn: Innovation as a Strategic Focus and Catalyst for Change with Eddie Maloney

2018 Summit for Online Leadership and Administration Roundtable, Digital Learning Efficacy Research and Evaluation

2018 Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners (HAIL Storm).  Learning Innovation as a Discipline, CSU Channel Islands

2018 Featured Speaker, Apple Higher Education Leadership Forum: Digital Learning Innovation in the Liberal Arts – San Francisco, CA

2017 RTM Higher Education Congress, Washington D.C. -  On Universities, Learning Technologies, and Black Elephants: What Does Teaching and Learning Have To Do Status, Rankings, and Low-Probability Events?

2017 Apple Education Business School Summit - Why Go One-to-One with Apple? A Dartmouth College Story.  

2016 Learning with MOOCs III Conference Co-Presentation:  How Residential Campuses Are Using MOOCS to Enhance On-Campus Learning

2016 Keynote for the Council of Independent Colleges Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction Convening - How the Liberal Arts Will Save Online Education

2016 Dartmouth Club of the Midwest - Minneapolis MN - Talk on Digital Learning Initiatives and Higher Ed Innovation

2016 Trinity College Winter Institute on Teaching with Technology talk Liberal Arts Colleges in a Time of Technological Upheaval.

2016 Dartmouth Club of Princeton NJ Digital Learning Initiatives at Dartmouth College: Innovation and Leadership in the Liberal Arts.

2016 Invited to Moderate Panel at the White House for The First in the World Grantee Spotlight Department of Education Program.

2016 SXSWEdu Panel Breaking the University From the Inside Out - Higher Ed R&D

2016 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Conference – Mini-summit: Launching the Blending with MOOCs Toolkit

2016 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Conference - Leadership Pop-Up Think Tank: Blending with MOOCs

2016 Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Dartmouth - The Future of Digital Learning:  A View from the Liberal Arts

2015 Dartmouth Club of Central Florida - Orlando:  Digital Learning and Innovation in the Liberal Arts

2015 Reimagine Education Conference Advances in Online Learning

2015 Dartmouth Club of Delaware - Digital Learning Initiatives and Innovation in the Liberal Arts

2015 EdX Global Forum Master Class: Burning Issues in Global Education

2015 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference What Is the Campus-Based Higher Education Experience of Tomorrow?

2015 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Leadership Seminar: Leadership and Design for Innovation

2014 Dartmouth Club of North West Ohio - Toledo Digital Learning Initiatives and Innovation in the Liberal Arts

2014 Invited Participant, General Electric Digital Talent Summit, San Ramon CA.

2014 Presentation at the EdX Global Forum, Delft Netherlands: Blended Learning - Innovation on Campus

2014 Presentation to the Dartmouth Club of Tampa Florida Digital Learning Initiatives at Dartmouth College

2014 Presentation (with Alan Cattier) to the Trustees of Dartmouth College, Digital Learning Initiatives at the College: The Learner's Moment

2014 Dartmouth Club of Central New York - Skaneateles - Digital Learning and Innovation in the Liberal Arts

2014 Participated in EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Leadership Seminar, Using MOOCs to Spur Innovation

2014 Invited Guest to Middlebury College: Online Learning and the Liberal Arts

2014 Invited Participant in White House Leadership Gathering “Education Datapalooza,

2013 Invited Participant Department of Education Education Data Jam, Cambridge MA.

2013 President’s Leadership Council Fall Meeting.  Presentation (with Bob Hansen): Online Learning: Audience, Technology, Pedagogy

2013The Teaching Professor In 2020:  Shaping The Future in A Time of Rapid Change.  Keynote address to the Teaching Professor Technology Conference

2013 Higher Education and Vendor Collaboration Best Practices:  Synchronous Learning Platforms.   Blackboard Professional Development Summit

2012 (12/1/12).  Keynote Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends in Online Learning  to Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education Annual Conference

2012Opportunities and Threats in the Education Technology MarketplaceECMC.org Board Meeting. 

2012 Outside-the-System Credits and Degrees.  Council of Higher Education Accreditation.   CHEA Summer Workshop.

2012 Panelist – Education Writers Association Annual Meeting.  Will Open Source College Courses Roil the Waters?

2011 American Council on Education (ACE) Webinar:  The Technology Revolution and Student Learning: What You Need to Know.

2011How Will Market Pressures Transform Higher Ed?  EDUCAUSE 2011 Annual Meeting:

2011What Nonprofits and For-Profits Can Learn from Each Other About Teaching and Learning  EDUCAUSE 2011 Annual Meeting2010 The Future of Media in Education Launch of the Kaltura Cross-Campus Education Suite - Recording, Presentations, Q&A”

2010Blogging About Educational Technology: A Discussion for Current and Prospective Bloggers.  EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Meeting

2010Publishing Lectures to YouTube: When Faculty Cut Out Central IT. EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Meeting

2010The Convergence of Lecture Capture and Social Media  EDUCAUSE Live!

2010 A Sociological Video Mashup Story: Lessons from Partnering with the Library, Faculty, and Curricular Computing for Course Projects (Learning Technology)  EDUCAUSE LEARNING INIATIVE (ELI) Annual Meeting (lead Susan Simon).

2010 Everything Librarians and Learning Technologists Wanted to Know About Each Other and Never Bothered to Ask: An Open Forum.  Webinar with Laura Braunstein, Steven Bell and John Shank for the Blended Librarian Webinar Series,

2010The Business and Academic Imperative for Lecture Capture in Higher Education -- Why's and How To's:  Wainhouse Research Webinar

2009ECAR Symposium Roundtable on Lecture Capture.  EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research Annual Conference.

2009Removing Roadblocks to Lecture Capture  University Business Webinar..  Archived at:

2009 Learning Management Technologies: Enterprise System or Consumer Good?  Point/Counterpoint Sesion - With John Fritz and Gardner Campbell.  EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. 

2009 Becoming an Educational Change Agent with Barbara Knauff to the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community.

2006.  NERCOMP Presentation.  Learning Resources with Acrobat and Breeze.